Poem About Mr Sisterson


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A poem about Mr Sisterson 6S…

Mr Sisterson can be very cool
But sometimes he can be a fool
He wears glasses on his nose
And when nobody’s looking he makes a pose
His beard’s so short and brown
He’s the king of the class, he needs a crown!
He’s very good at drawing
But never ever boring
Always a cheesy smile on his face
And when you’re bad he goes “what a disgrace!”
He doesn’t like wasting time
So sing this very little rhyme
He’s crazy at dancing
However not prancing
Always busy running round the school
Telling children to walk so they don’t fall
Mr Sisterson likes a joke
When misbehaving you get a poke
Be here by 8.45 in the morning
But sir, I’m still yawning
Listen up now this is all about Mr Sisterson!!

By Michael Watts

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A fantastic poem! And I am very flattered (even if I can be a bit of a fool! :O ) Keep up the hard work!

Mr S 🙂

I love it it’s the best poem I’ve ever heard in my life very creative love it

Thanks sky x

Nice job very cool poem I could have never done that

Thanks elvijus

Well done Michael good poem.

Thank you elvijus

Well done Michael great poem.

Thanks phoebe

Good poem, good job! You should write more.

Thanks Diana I will write more thank you for commenting

The poem is good because there are lots of rhymes.


Fabulous poem Michael! Keep up the great work!

Thanks miss Husein

I’ve forgot the password for the blog can somebody give me the password so I can post please

Thank you everybody from 6s and 6w

Thanks everyone for For commenting for me

We love it. It’s hilarious!

Thanks Harry and Preston!

Hi Class 6S,
We love the poem.
Andrew and I are teachers from New Zealand and we taught at Aveley School in 2001-2002.
We felt nostalgic for Aveley School when we read about your class and the things you are doing.
The scariest thing I used to do at school was stand up in front of assembly in the mornings!
I see handwriting is still done the same way. I still often write that way and everyone comments!
I loved teaching at Aveley- it sure was hard work though!
Ms Shadbolt and Mrs Vi will remember us.
Ms Johnson

Thank you so much for your comment! I actually remember you myself as Mr Dunn taught me for a while when I was in Year 6 at Aveley! I still remember all his songs on the guitar. Hope you are both keeping well. Thank you for checking out our blog from all of 6S.

Mr S 🙂

Thank you Sarah and Andrew for commenting on my work I appreciate that you have taken your time to comment on my work.
Thank you so much,
Michael & all of 6S

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