100WC Week #12 by Miss Mansell


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Unusual Pot Poem 

My mother warned me regularly,

To watch the words I said,

And stop stuffing my foot,

Into the hole that’s in my head.


Foot in mouth disease she said,

Is appalling for one’s health,

So I should be more careful,

When expressing myself.


But I’m not one to listen,

And to her I’d not attend,

And my foot was often in there,

Past the ankle and its bend.


And now I’ve really shown her,

For employment I have found,

And I am quite famous,

With all the folk around my town.


Of course it is a pity,

That I cannot walk at all,

But that’s because my head’s a flowerpot,

And my bum’s a terracotta wall!

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Well done!!!!

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