100WC Week#12 by Alex


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The Hideous Pot

This is a tale about a woman who turned who turned a flower in a monster statue. 100 years ago a plain pot was used as a flower pot he/she lived a wonderful life, eventually it grew into a giant sunflower it had a lovely, cute face drawn on the perfect pot but when the owner died two boys’ took the flower and treated it like rubbish. The plant was annoyed until one final time. The sunflower began to be evil the police came as quick as lightning it was a total disaster. Luckily they froze the plant in ice right then it grew legs with red and blue.

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Hi ALex. Good work I’m so pleased so keep up the work. Good punctuation.

It wasn’t as scary as Grace thought it would be because she loves horror and it wasn’t in her idea of a horror.
But on the other hand, Katie knew you tried your best with the prompt you had Katie even found it difficult to think of ideas for that prompt.

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