The Crocodile 100WC #13 by Archie T


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The Crocodile Within

As the dark orange night hit the humid swamp, a cool breeze smacked the den of the one-we-never-speak-of. It woke for the first time in the last century. As the croc crawled out for the thing which he’s been wanting for the last 100 years – food – he collapsed with no energy left in his system. Infuriated by the humiliation, he slumped up and ran to the blood bath that awaited. How many this time will perish with nothing left in their system? Not a heart or a millilitre of blood left.


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Hi Archie T, my name is Lauren, I really enjoyed reading your story this week you are a great writer and used amazing adjectives and great punctation one of my favourite sentences in your story is ‘ Infuriated by the humiliation.’ Great title and you fit the five words in brilliantly. I can tell you enjoy writing and hope you continue writing superb stories.

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Hi Archie that was a really good. How did you do that?
BRILLIANT work. Next time please do a hundred words.

Very good Archie T. You used lots of descriptive language. I like the way you put action. Next time, you should use a simile.

Hi Archie T, love your spine-chilling story. I also like how you used your punctuation. Next time you could write a bit more.

Elvijus, I did 94 words!

Very intresting story Archie. We loved how you are using a very good word choices. Next time why not try to put some similes and metaphors?

Well done Archie T. You used a lot of strong vocabulary which makes the reader more excited. You also punctuated your work correctly. Keep on writing.

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