THE PET by Diana 6S #100WC


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One sunny day, there was a girl called Gabriella. She always wanted a pet, but one day she thought and thought and… AHA! She wanted a crocodile, not a cat, not a dog, but a CROCODILE. Within hours, she drew a picture of a crocodile like she wanted. He would love eating oranges, he would have a big wide mouth and he would be called John. She searched and searched.

After one hour, she finally found – on Internet – the perfect crocodile. She pressed buy and now she had to wait for her order.

DING DONG! Gabriela rushed down stairs and saw her pet. Out of nowhere, the crocodile started to walk towards her. Then it collapsed…

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Hi Diana, I really enjoyed your excellent 100wc this week! Great punctuation. I love the way you described everything. You also fitted in your five words amazingly! I also really liked the way you listed: not a cat, not a dog, but a crocodile. Your 100wc was very creative. Keep up the great work. P.S. If you get a chance please check out my story and comment at:

Well done Diana, great cliffhanger. However, it would have been nice if you didn’t use one day more than twice.
Overall I liked it.

Very descriptive story Diana.We really enjoyed it how about putting drama in it

Really descriptive story Diana. It was a very good lots of drama

Oh no! I need to know what happened! Is the poor crocodile okay?

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