100WC Week #15 By Alex


Posted by 6spupil2016 | Posted in General News | Posted on 13-12-2016

In 2017 I hope:

I hope that we get robots from Mars,

Or even a planet that gives chocolate bars,

Maybe a villain who’s called Mo Mo,

But needs a hero who will be Po Po.


What if the robots finished your homework?

Or a man that makes fabulous foam,

Will he make another different Pope?

But yet again, pray for hope.


If this doesn’t really work out,

I will scream as I eat a sprout,

Hopefully new items will come,

And I will forever hear a hum.


In 2017 I hope that we will all be friends.

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This is my best poem I have ever seen.

This is my best poem I have ever seen.Well done 6s keep all of the hard work up

Loved it Alex – definitely the chocolate bars.

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