100WC Week #15 By Rachel


Posted by 6spupil2016 | Posted in General News | Posted on 13-12-2016

In 2017 I Hope

In 2017 I hope,

To help my teachers cope,

By never saying nope,

When I’m told to put on my coat.


In 2017 I hope,

My baby cousin will walk,

Right before she talks,

And on camera it will be caught.


In 2017 I hope,

My birthday will be right,

And there won’t be a fight,

In the middle of the gloomy night.


In 2017 I hope,

To keep riding my horse,

With my friends of course,

And in the barn have a good light source.


In 2017 I hope,

To get rid of all my fear,

And to not shed a tear,

When something bad is near.

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Brilliant work Rachel your poem was amazing hope mr Sisterson liked it!!!!

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