The Awaiting of the Possible Disaster of Next Year! 100WC Week#15 by Abbie


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The year would be 2017 and I will be 12, but as always there is going to be worse things than a a telling off.

But the thing I really dread is the possible death of my beloved pets.

It happens every year, always the two I love the  most, but now I only have two cats after my other two [Chunky Monkey and Elsa] died, but I myself, would never forgive that I would not be there for their passing. Like what happened when Sunshine [my first cat to pass away] was hit by a car and died instantly due to the impact.

Next year in 2017 I hope it will not happen again.

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Well done Abbie I really liked the way you used the prompt in your story this week and I really what you based your story.

Kind regards

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Great job Abbie your 100 word challenge was amazing from Henry 5D.

Well done. Abbie great 100 word challenge.

Well done Abbie! That really touched my heart. I know how you feel Oliver my bcf [ best cat friend] past away on the special year of 2015.

Awww, I don’t know how it feels to lose a pet but I know it must be hard.

P.S How are you doing in year 6?

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