100WC by Archie P #16


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The Dangerous Danger

Oooooww! I heard my brother scream I asked what was the matter and he said he hurt his boo boo whatever that means. I turn around and walk into the wall with my head up and started seeing stars instead of reality. All of the sudden I wake up in a swirl of stars,

I looked in front and behind. Which way? One is light the other is dark. I feel both ways have there own problems. The problem with the light side is it my be a trap to make me think its freedom but I don’t think it is. All of the sudden the stars fade away and reality becomes real.

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Very well written Archie, but we spotted a few mistakes like when you said All of a sudden you didn’t use a comma
and when you said my do you mean might and its in the second paragraph

I really like the cliffhanger.
I wonder what happens next?

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