100WC Week#29 by Alex


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The Slimy Snake

As the sun shone rapidly on my face, my stupid sister infiltrated me with hard pine cones. I tried to run away but it caught me and I fell over. I told my mum and she was grounded; we continued on through the fascinating forest until…

The slime dripped through the trees and landed onto my sister’s head. She screamed and rushed to the car my mum and I laughed until a rustle was heard from the bushes.

I stood back. It popped out. The slimy snake charged towards us with its ferocious fangs until we fell into a hole. We were stuck – covered in goo.

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Nice work Alex I like how you used your imagination

Great work Alex I like the way you chose your words carefully and keep up your work

I liked it Alex keep up the good work

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