100WC Week#29 by Caitlin


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“AAAHH,”  Toby screamed when he heard a loud bang. He ran to the door put his red, cold ear to the snow, white door and everything went quiet. “Toby, ” a deep voice called out. A cold chill went down his spine but he soon realised it was his dad. “Toby,” his dad repeated, “you have school today so get ready.”

“I haven’t got school,” Toby argued.

“Do not lie,” his dad growled. Toby new instantly to obey his farther but also new he was right. When Toby finally got out the house he sighed and walked to school. Just when he was about to leave because school was closed he saw a streak of lightning. He went inside and got trapped by a green slimy monster. He looked up then the slime dripped through…

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Nice story Caitlin I really like how it hooks the reader in, and then leaves you in suspense at the end. I can’t wait to see what you do with the next prompt.

Well Done Caitlin! Great use of speech We really want to read on.

Thank you Rachel , Manoor and Diana.

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