100WC Week#29 by Harry


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Slime Attack!

“What are you doing?” I asked my friend.

“Playing with slime,” she replied. “It’s actually really fun!”


As I was walking away, I heard an ear-piercing screech. I turned around in a panic and it was Lola. She was screaming that her slime was moving like someone was poking and it wasn’t her. I sprinted over.

“Calm down!” I shouted

“Someone’s touching my slime and it isn’t me!” she replied.

Just as she said that, the slime flew into the air and landed in a tree. The slime dripped through the branches and onto the floor. We were terrified and we both ran away.

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I liked it

I enjoyed how that it’s a thriller and slime combined together. I found it entertaining

Well Done Harry! I like your dialogue but you can improve it by making it more tense but overall you did an excellent job.

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