100WC Week#30 by Ethan


Posted by 6spupil2016 | Posted in General News | Posted on 09-05-2017

SATs Leads To Nervousness

As the morning woke, Max was as nervous as a new-born kitten about SATs. “Mum, I just couldn’t eat anything so I gave it to the dog and cat!” he yelled nervously.

“Why what’s wrong Max?” Mum replied as she walked into the kitchen.

“It’s S…SA…SATs week,” Max explained.

As the school bell rang, he was given the arithmetic paper. “Ohh no,” Max whispered to his greatest friend James.

“It’s okay Max, chill out,” James whispered back. The SATs paper (which was created by the powerful government) had begun. He was so so nervous that he nearly answered all the questions wrong and didn’t pass. “All because of being nervous – don’t be nervous, Max,” he whispered to himself quietly.

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