100WC Week#30 by Phoebe


Posted by 6spupil2016 | Posted in General News | Posted on 09-05-2017

The Worst Day Ever

Why does it have to be this day of all days. I’m on my to the restaurant and my dad said, “I hope you like spice because there is going to be a lot of it.”

But there’s a problem: I DON’T LIKE SPICE! I just couldn’t eat something so hot; I can’t even eat peppers because they are meant to be hot; or my dad’s favourite Chinese (because he gets chilli on everything!) and, no one knows this, I secretly take chilli out so my dad thinks I like spicy stuff but he thinks wrong!

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I like how you used lots of interesting punctuation: a colon, brackets, exclamation marks, a semi-colon and inverted commas; I have seen a mistake — you forgot to add a word.

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