100WC Week#30 by Vinnie


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My Birthday

Just six hours ago, I awoke with sunshine in my eyes and a smile on my face. I raced upstairs and cried: “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!”

“Happy birthday,” they yawned as they tried to sleep again. “Your presents are on your bed.”

Then as fast as I could,  I ran upstairs in to my room and took my presents downstairs — where I currently sleep.

One and a half hours later, my mum got out the cake and, since I was the birthday boy, I cut a chunk then sugar fell out the sides. I just couldn’t eat something so sweet like that! 

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I agree with you, I would never eat something as sweet as that either.

Love the subordinate clause: ‘since I was the birthday boy’. A fab effort Vinnie. I don’t think it needs to be centralised though.

Mr S 🙂

I agree sir! i love the subordinate clause,

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