100WC Week#32 by Ella – A MUST READ!


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Snow White and The Poisoned Cheeseburger By Ella

Here’s a new story, told in rhyme,

Of a classic tale, as old as time,

You may be self-conscious of getting fat;

But Miss Snow White wasn’t scared of that.


She’d snack all day from dawn till dusk,

And even then, takeaways were a must!

For her, seven meals just wasn’t enough,

And to the waiters, she gave her trust.


One day, she decided to walk down 7th Street,

Through a storm of hail and slippery sleet,

But Missy White just didn’t care,

For all she wanted was the food that was there.


She ordered a burger, filled with cheesy delight,

But things took a sudden turn on that night,

When she sunk her teeth deep into the bun,

She dropped dead in front of everyone!

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Wow! Fantastic poem Ella; we all really enjoyed reading it. From 6W ๐Ÿ™‚

Wow! This is fantastic!
A brilliant rhyming scheme ๐Ÿ™‚

From Miss Daly

Nice job, Ella! You did a really good job with your poem. I liked how you included the prompt in it for sure.

Incredible! You are really good at poetry! Keep writing and you will be a famous poet one day!

Hello 6S!

Fantastic poem Ella!

I was thinking of you all during SAT’s week. I’m sure that you all tried your very best and I hope that you’ve all relaxed a little now that they’re over … phew!

I’ve enjoyed looking through the blog and seeing all that you’ve been up to. Keep up the great work!

Have a wonderful half term 6S!

From Miss Huseyin

Wow!!!! I have enjoyed reading through your blog 6S! How much you have learnt since I taught you in Year 2. What fabulous writing. Well done to you all- absolute superstars!!!

Hi Ella!
I loved your poem!
I have always been in awe of authors who can use rhyme in their work. This made me smile and I think it is a wonderful response to the prompt.
I’ll pop it on the showcase for Week#32.
Well done!

great work Ella loved the work

wow amazing poem i couldnt do any beter

wow we love the rhyming it is really good well done.

We both really enjoyed the poem and thought it was fantastic!

Great work Ella i really enjoyed this poem you did a fab job

Wow great poem Ella !! Congratulations on getting it on the showcase! Well done. Ella ๐Ÿ™‚ (6W)

Well Done Ella! it proves that Mr S really is a good teacher.

Your poem is the best in the school: the rhyming couplets, not being a clichรฉ and making a funnier poem than a poet.

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