100WC Week#34 By Ethan


Posted by 6spupil2016 | Posted in General News | Posted on 06-06-2017

The Waterfall of Death

“Lets go!” yelled Jake as he opened the old, brown sturdy door.

“Coming!” replied Amanda, running down the dark, creepy stairway.

As they set foot in the green, gloomy rain-forest the sounds were like animals arguing over which food was theirs. Mysteriously, Jake tripped over something like a boulder rolling quickly down a dark, creepy cavern. “Whoa,” he whispered as he stood up dizzy. “Look at this massive waterfall.”

As soon as Amanda arrived, Jake was thinking: “Why does the water just keep gushing out?” Unfortunately, Jake sadly fell into the murky, grey water and drowned without warning. Amanda returned home and never set foot in the jungle again…

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