100WC Week#34 by Vinnie – The House of Death


Posted by 6spupil2016 | Posted in General News | Posted on 06-06-2017

A few months ago, I dared my friend to go into the house of terror with me: he obviously said yes because I would give him £50. We trod through the murky hallway; Daniel and I went into the living room but there was something wrong. There was water seeping through the wall – it wouldn’t stop – the water just kept gushing out: it was unstoppable. We ran out upstairs so we wouldn’t drown but then it came, running at us at lightning speed, a dark figure moaning to ‘free me’ in a raspy voice and now we were stuck here…

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Wow! Spooky vinnie i really like how you used punctuatuion correctly and i liked how you used that dash.

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