100WC Week#35 by Rachel S


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Dear Andrew Sesay,

I have recently been informed about the amazing work you do every day. I believe that you are an incredible, compassionate man who does anything he can to help people. I heard a story of one of your excellent rescues of a mother and her unborn child. In case you can’t remember,  I will recap it for you:

You were called to a house where a woman was in labour and the baby was in the wrong position…  so, knowing the dangers, you rushed her to hospital and performed a Cesarean on Mhanele who then went on to name her baby after you. However, that was not the only person; you have helped millions of pregnant women. You are an inspiration!

Yours sincerely,

Rachel S

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Hi Rachel

What a well written and carefully thought out letter. Your recap was an interesting thing to include, it shows that you learnt a lot about Andrew’s work and it is also an approach I haven’t seen anyone else use this week.

I agree with your final sentence, it’s the perfect end to your writing

Miss T
Hampshire, England

Hi Miss T

Thank you for your coment and for reading my work. I hope I can impress you again soon in another piece of writing . If you have a blog, give me link or the name of it and I would love to have a read

Rachel s

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