100WC Week#36 By Phoebe


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The Asteroid

“OI JOHN!” shouted Bill.” LOOK OVER HERE!”

As John started to walk, he asked Bill about whether he had heard the news that an asteroid had fallen to Earth. Bill looked confused because he just saw a big blob come out of the sky and just open.

When John reached this blob, he said that they had to fix it before someone got hurt. So they closed the whole road just so no-one saw the asteroid or whatever it was. It was half-fixed but it was not as reparable as they had both thought.


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Hi Phoebe!
Mrs Skinner here with Rowan class at Tirlebrook School, Tewkesbury, UK.

We really liked the start – straight into the action!
Your cliff hanger ending got us thinking.
We were wondering if you could have used another word than blob.

We hope to read more of your work soon!

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