100WC Week#24 Dan and Phil’s Day at the Park by Harry


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Dan and Phil’s Day at the Park

“The one day we decide to go outside it starts raining,” complained Dan.

“Oh shut up complaining Dan!” Phil laughed back.

They had just arrived at the park when they noticed a grey thing in the distance.

“What is that?!” questioned Dan

“I dunno,” replied Phil “Let’s go find out.”

They pair walked over to it and realised that it was a hand, well the fingers and the thumb. Dan took a picture of it and posted it to all of his social media (Instagram, Snapchat, etc.)

Dan laughed: “This would only be built in London!”

After they had taken a few pictures they went home and dried off from the rain they sat on the sofa and watched some YouTube.

Harry’s 100WC


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As the children were playing in the park, with not a care in the world, one of the smallest children, named Jake, noticed one of their teachers and shouted, “Hey isn’t that Mr Middleton?”

“Yeah,” replied another child.

The children were baffled as to why all of their teachers were leaving the school and going the same way. One by one the teachers were leaving. Jake, being as curious as he was, whispered to himself, “But where are they going?”

He told his friend that he was going to follow the teachers and his friend replied by saying, “Why? You weirdo!” Then, the teaches vanished.