100WC Week#34 by Preston, Justin and Bobby


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McSisterson’s Miserable Monday

One miserable Monday morning, a teacher – Mr McSisterson – fell through the school gates with a throbbing migraine. He felt like a man being pulled into prison; he could not face listening to those howling monkeys. In order to escape this upcoming hell, he decided to bolt himself into the bath room.

While in the odious toilets, Mr McSisterson desperately required a drink to hydrate his headache so he squeezed the water fountain’s button. However, the water just kept gushing out in an unstoppable tsunami. Soon, the headteacher arrived. “Sir! What a mess you have made!” she exclaimed.”Get to class now!

100WC Week#34 by Caitlin


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There was once a girl

who began to yell

a horrid, dreadful lie

which made everyone cry.


They didn’t know her evil plan,

they didn’t know it was a lie,

they didn’t know she was bad,

so they continued to feel sad.


Soon they knew she told a tale,

they were horrified and almost cried.

she knew she would have to pay,

today, tomorrow or any day.


One or two weeks later,

the dam crumbled to pieces.

The water just kept gushing out,

and people started running about.


After such a horrible time,

after her lie came true,

the little girl didn’t stop crying,

she didn’t want to be lying.






100WC Week#34 by Alex


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The Terrible Tumble

As quick as lightning striking down from the sky, I ran towards the giant slide carefully — waiting for the line to continue…

When I sat on top of the slide, my ring fell off; I was afraid. I tried to get out but the water just kept gushing out at me.

Just then, I was flushed down the slide by a horrible lifeguard. Death was around me and I could feel it.

I screeched down the dark black slide so my voice echoed throughout the tunnel. “Almost there!” Unluckily someone else came in the slide, “Uh oh…”

100WC Week#32 by Ella – A MUST READ!


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Snow White and The Poisoned Cheeseburger By Ella

Here’s a new story, told in rhyme,

Of a classic tale, as old as time,

You may be self-conscious of getting fat;

But Miss Snow White wasn’t scared of that.


She’d snack all day from dawn till dusk,

And even then, takeaways were a must!

For her, seven meals just wasn’t enough,

And to the waiters, she gave her trust.


One day, she decided to walk down 7th Street,

Through a storm of hail and slippery sleet,

But Missy White just didn’t care,

For all she wanted was the food that was there.


She ordered a burger, filled with cheesy delight,

But things took a sudden turn on that night,

When she sunk her teeth deep into the bun,

She dropped dead in front of everyone!

100WC Week #30 by Abbie (forgotten prompt!)


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A WHAT??!!

“Where am I? Who I’m I with? Where is home? What is happening?” My mind swirled round like a tornado asking the earth the questions.

“It’s okay; you’re safe for now.”

“What do you mean for now? Who are you? What am I doing here?”

“Don’t play games with me, you know you are a witch!”

“A what? What are you talking about?”

“You don’t know you’re a witch.”

What is this person on about? Who does he think I am? Yeah like I’m supposed to believe I’m a ” witch”!

“I ain’t drinking blood!”

“How did you know what I thought?”

100WC Week#30 by Grace


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When a boy meets his DOOM!

An 11-year-old boy was walking home one night and said: “Maybe I will go in the forest – it is the short cut to my house …”

As he was getting closer and closer to his house he stopped for a breath. He felt a gooey hand was on his sholder. As he turned his head around, there, standing right behind him, stood a … KILLER CLOWN!

He ran as fast as he could but it caught him!

100WC Week#30 by Caitlin


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“Come in, “the deep voice growled when I had my hypnotised eyes on him.

The shadowy figure moved closer to me; he was thin but tall. I had no choice but to walk in. I sat down on the oak chair and suddenly my eyes blurred.

Finally, they cleared. “Eat up,” the human said.

There were loads of disgusting food and drink: blood wine, human flesh and animal’s hearts. I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting.

“Wake up, “my dad called. I sighed it was only a nightmare.

“It’s time for breakfast, “Mum called.

I went downstairs and, to my surprise, the man from my nightmares was sitting at the table.

100WC Week#30 by Jessica


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Dinner with Granny 

My mum went out last night, again, so I had to go to stupid old granny’s house. She’s always cooking: I don’t know why everything she makes tastes like cat fur and smelly socks. I refused so mum dragged me to the car; the whole way there I dreaded going to her house. Then my nightmare turned into reality. I  walked through the door and into the house of horror and, as usual, dinner was already cooked. It looked horrible, which didn’t surprise me it always does, so then I sat up at  the table. “It’s OK, Gran, I’m not hungry.”

What was I supposed to say? I couldn’t eat something so disgusting.

100WC Week#30 by Amber


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The Worst Birthday Ever

After a stressful day at work, Luna strolled towards her front door and went in. As she got to the kitchen, her roommate – Roxy – gave her a lovely cup of tea. Roxy wasonly twenty-years-old. Luna and Roxy put dinner on. They were having a party for Luna’s 21st birthday.

A little while later, a few guests arrived: Rebecca, Beth, Matthew and Toby. The six of  them had so much fun. They didn’t realise dinner was done. Matthew spat,”I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting.” Roxy was embarrassed but Luna way crying,”Why does this have to be the worst birthday ever?”

100WC Week #30 By Rachel N


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Aunt Gracie…

My mum came into the kitchen bouncing and talking on the phone. I began to listen.

“I cant wait for you to come tonight, Gracie. Its been a long-“

“Nooo, I dread her cooking. She better not be cooking,” I yelled not thinking before I spoke. My mum, Blaire, glared at me; she was speechless and immediately switched off her phone. I sprinted up the stairs and flung my bag on the floor. I began to panic. What if she cooks again?

I remembered my words from her last visit: “I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting”. Tonight is going to be a horror….