100WC Week#37 by Alex


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The Terrifying Thunder

While the bright light was reflected by the mirrored pool’s surface, the sun shone in my eyes. Just then, I knew had to go in the water.

After I splashed without caution, waves bumped into the edges causing the swimming pool to bounce like jiggling jelly but then the weather changed dramatically – roaring thunder spread across the sky.

I panicked. A lightning bolt struck down from the sky into the swimming pool; there was no escape. I tried to flee but the waves knocked me towards the electrocuted water.

Would I ever escape?

100WC Week#34 by Alex


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The Terrible Tumble

As quick as lightning striking down from the sky, I ran towards the giant slide carefully — waiting for the line to continue…

When I sat on top of the slide, my ring fell off; I was afraid. I tried to get out but the water just kept gushing out at me.

Just then, I was flushed down the slide by a horrible lifeguard. Death was around me and I could feel it.

I screeched down the dark black slide so my voice echoed throughout the tunnel. “Almost there!” Unluckily someone else came in the slide, “Uh oh…”

100WC Week #30 by Alex


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Everything is Grey

While the water washed my face, I ran towards my enormous shed. Even though it was about to rain, I played with my colourful football until…

My mum called me to eat. Unluckily, it was not a pizza; it was a black, edible item. I just couldn’t eat something so weird. When I ate a piece of this mysterious food, some dark smoke came out.

What was it? What happened? What went wrong?

I didn’t know why there was smoke so I strolled outside immediately and everything became grey. My mum and I looked at how the world lost it’s colour… why?


100WC Week#29 by Alex


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The Slimy Snake

As the sun shone rapidly on my face, my stupid sister infiltrated me with hard pine cones. I tried to run away but it caught me and I fell over. I told my mum and she was grounded; we continued on through the fascinating forest until…

The slime dripped through the trees and landed onto my sister’s head. She screamed and rushed to the car my mum and I laughed until a rustle was heard from the bushes.

I stood back. It popped out. The slimy snake charged towards us with its ferocious fangs until we fell into a hole. We were stuck – covered in goo.

100WC by Alex Week #24


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The Forest Giant

In the woods deep deep down,

A giant person from the trees,

Coloured all in black and brown,

Full of nature on his knees.


One very bright day in the forest today,

A strange little man followed him now,

He said, “Now get out of my way,

Or I will make you a very slow cow!”


But the huge giant still moved slowly,

Instead he walked backwards like a snail,

Soon enough he wasn’t lonely,

The gnome said, “You will now have a tail.


“You will not be green you’ll be grey,

Turned into boring stone,

And be lost like a piece of hay!”

All that is left is a hand like a bone.

100WC Week #15 By Alex


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In 2017 I hope:

I hope that we get robots from Mars,

Or even a planet that gives chocolate bars,

Maybe a villain who’s called Mo Mo,

But needs a hero who will be Po Po.


What if the robots finished your homework?

Or a man that makes fabulous foam,

Will he make another different Pope?

But yet again, pray for hope.


If this doesn’t really work out,

I will scream as I eat a sprout,

Hopefully new items will come,

And I will forever hear a hum.


In 2017 I hope that we will all be friends.

100WC Week#13 By Alex


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The Crucial Crocodile

Down in the swamp where it’s stinky,

The crocodile will bite your little pinkie,

Even though he growls like a monkey,

A once in a while they even looked a little funky.


But always remember what happened to her,

The creeping croc used his lure,

Walking quickly and after the girl’s juicy head,

SNAP, SNAP, SNAP – she’s secretly dead.


Now you heard all of this wide story,

A little pretty, orange, lovely, lorry,

Within the crocodile’s completely harassed,

And yet again the story collapsed.