100WC Week#35 by Amber G


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Dear Andrew Sesay,

I am writing to you to say thank you for helping the pregnant women and their babies. You have helped many people.

You helped out people that were frightened to go to  the hospital in case someone had the disease – ebola. You have been trained to save people’s life and you saved many of them so I think you should have a pay rise.

Your life is very different to my life as you go out and help the world and I’m just finishing my last year at my primary school. Hope you carry on your amazing work,

Your sincerely,

Amber G

Investigating Circuits


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After all our hard work during SATs week, we have enjoyed a practical afternoon of science (followed by PE).

We investigated different components, experimenting with how we could vary or fix circuits. Here are some pics of today’s session (Diana doesn’t look too impressed, but Rachel is perhaps too overexcited!).

100WC Week#30 by Amber


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The Worst Birthday Ever

After a stressful day at work, Luna strolled towards her front door and went in. As she got to the kitchen, her roommate – Roxy – gave her a lovely cup of tea. Roxy wasonly twenty-years-old. Luna and Roxy put dinner on. They were having a party for Luna’s 21st birthday.

A little while later, a few guests arrived: Rebecca, Beth, Matthew and Toby. The six of  them had so much fun. They didn’t realise dinner was done. Matthew spat,”I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting.” Roxy was embarrassed but Luna way crying,”Why does this have to be the worst birthday ever?”