100WC Week#37 By Caitlin


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“Finally,” I sighed as I played in the pool,”there is nice weather.”

I was always getting squirted by my annoying little sister, Quinn. Once she had stopped squirting me, I sat down and took in all the beautiful sunshine. The golden sun faced down on me like a blanket of heat. After dinner – which was at 5:30 – it was still light so I went to the park with some of my friends:

  • Amber
  • Phoebe
  • Rachel S
  • Rachel N
  • Lily
  • and a few others.

After 35 minutes of playing at the park, I felt I had sunburn but then the weather changed dramatically. I jumped off the swing and me and my friends ran off in different directions.”Finally,”I sighed,”I was home.”

100WC Week#35 by Caitlin


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Dear Andrew Sesay,

After listening to what you do and where you work I think that its good you do this.I  have a few questions though.

Why did you decide to do this? How long did it take you to be fully-trained? When did you start thinking about this job? How were you inspired? If you were, who by? How much have you improved on your job?

I understand our lifestyles are very different and for you to do this I think anyone can do anything.

To conclude, I think you should carry on and I am very inspired.

Yours sincerely,


100WC Week#34 by Caitlin


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There was once a girl

who began to yell

a horrid, dreadful lie

which made everyone cry.


They didn’t know her evil plan,

they didn’t know it was a lie,

they didn’t know she was bad,

so they continued to feel sad.


Soon they knew she told a tale,

they were horrified and almost cried.

she knew she would have to pay,

today, tomorrow or any day.


One or two weeks later,

the dam crumbled to pieces.

The water just kept gushing out,

and people started running about.


After such a horrible time,

after her lie came true,

the little girl didn’t stop crying,

she didn’t want to be lying.






100WC Week#30 by Caitlin


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“Come in, “the deep voice growled when I had my hypnotised eyes on him.

The shadowy figure moved closer to me; he was thin but tall. I had no choice but to walk in. I sat down on the oak chair and suddenly my eyes blurred.

Finally, they cleared. “Eat up,” the human said.

There were loads of disgusting food and drink: blood wine, human flesh and animal’s hearts. I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting.

“Wake up, “my dad called. I sighed it was only a nightmare.

“It’s time for breakfast, “Mum called.

I went downstairs and, to my surprise, the man from my nightmares was sitting at the table.

100WC Week#29 by Caitlin


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“AAAHH,”  Toby screamed when he heard a loud bang. He ran to the door put his red, cold ear to the snow, white door and everything went quiet. “Toby, ” a deep voice called out. A cold chill went down his spine but he soon realised it was his dad. “Toby,” his dad repeated, “you have school today so get ready.”

“I haven’t got school,” Toby argued.

“Do not lie,” his dad growled. Toby new instantly to obey his farther but also new he was right. When Toby finally got out the house he sighed and walked to school. Just when he was about to leave because school was closed he saw a streak of lightning. He went inside and got trapped by a green slimy monster. He looked up then the slime dripped through…

100WC week#12 By Caitlin


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As the weird object started to become clear, 7 thin colourful legs stood out of the huge flat-faced flower pot. My annoying little sister – whose name is Quinn – thought it would be funny to swing on one. Well NO! it wasn’t funny my sister and I fell through floor as fast as a cheetah screaming kicking my legs wishing that we never moved to Florida wishing that my sister would be more careful. I know we will hit the floor any second wait it was soft but what was it I looked around I couldn’t see my sister. “You have three chances of getting out,” a hollowed voice explained.