Visit from the Rock Steady Music School


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We were so lucky to be visited by Steve from the Rock Steady Music School today. He showed us a range of instruments, taught us lots about music and even let us form our own Year 6 rock band. Check out the video of us rocking out!

Investigating Circuits


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After all our hard work during SATs week, we have enjoyed a practical afternoon of science (followed by PE).

We investigated different components, experimenting with how we could vary or fix circuits. Here are some pics of today’s session (Diana doesn’t look too impressed, but Rachel is perhaps too overexcited!).

100WC Week#30 by Diana


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 A Normal Day?

It was a normal day doing the same routine every morning: doing my hair, eating my breakfast, brushing my teeth, changing into my school uniform and going to school. However, today was different. Today I was meeting my mum’s best friend after school. You may be thinking, “What’s wrong with that?”

Well my mum’s best friend – Ria – is a crazy old cat lady. She loves cats but that is just the beginning; she is a HORRIBLE cook. “Oh no! Am I late for school?” I yelled.”Mum, MUM I need a ride to school and I need my breakfast mum!” I continued.

There was no reply. The house filled with silence. Wasting no time, I rushed to the kitchen, admiring what was on the table. I just couldn’t eat something so well-decorated!

MY FUTURE KITTEN 100WC Week#15 by Diana


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“Hi, my name is Diana and I always wished for baby kitten. Mum says I might be able to get one for Christmas but I doubt that because every Christmas I hoped for a kitten and I always got other stuff: a doll, makeup and a scooter. I told you I just doubt that this Christmas I will get a kitten. So, in 2017, I hope I will!”

“Diana what are you doing?” shouted mum across the room.

“Well I am entering the 100 Word Challenge and I am definitely going to get a kitten!”

THE PET by Diana 6S #100WC


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One sunny day, there was a girl called Gabriella. She always wanted a pet, but one day she thought and thought and… AHA! She wanted a crocodile, not a cat, not a dog, but a CROCODILE. Within hours, she drew a picture of a crocodile like she wanted. He would love eating oranges, he would have a big wide mouth and he would be called John. She searched and searched.

After one hour, she finally found – on Internet – the perfect crocodile. She pressed buy and now she had to wait for her order.

DING DONG! Gabriela rushed down stairs and saw her pet. Out of nowhere, the crocodile started to walk towards her. Then it collapsed…