100WC Week#32 by Ella – A MUST READ!


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Snow White and The Poisoned Cheeseburger By Ella

Here’s a new story, told in rhyme,

Of a classic tale, as old as time,

You may be self-conscious of getting fat;

But Miss Snow White wasn’t scared of that.


She’d snack all day from dawn till dusk,

And even then, takeaways were a must!

For her, seven meals just wasn’t enough,

And to the waiters, she gave her trust.


One day, she decided to walk down 7th Street,

Through a storm of hail and slippery sleet,

But Missy White just didn’t care,

For all she wanted was the food that was there.


She ordered a burger, filled with cheesy delight,

But things took a sudden turn on that night,

When she sunk her teeth deep into the bun,

She dropped dead in front of everyone!

The Arthritic Fingers Of Nature By Ella #24


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The Arthritic Fingers Of Nature

If you think you’ve explored all of nature,

To the fullest it could possibly be,

Then just listen to this,

And put on some Kiss,

And take in all the sights you can see.


First, to the left, we have some trees,

Growing bigger and bigger every day,

And to the right, a river so bright,

A curling staircase, all day and night.


The hand, of maybe a giant,

Pulls further each and every day,

Has moss grown over like a spider, sprawled out where you lay.


Iron fences submerged in overgrown grass,

Covered in flowers, no way to pass,

Collecting the pollen from plants and weeds,

Butterflies, creatures, and tiny bees.


And, of course, I told you,

You probably disagreed,

Because, this poem, is exactly what you need,

To fill your dreams, your hopes, and despairs,

To, make nature worth the time there.

In 2017 I hope…. Week#15 By Ella


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In 2017 I hope….

In 2017 I hope,

That I will be able to cope,

With the pain of going back to school

Because, honestly it can be such a brawl.


With the trouble of getting up to the alarm,

I realise I’m late, and have to stay calm,

I grab my homework, book and bag,

I run out of the house, looking like a rag.


In 2017 I hope,

That I will be able to cope,

If I ever get to go on a plane,

To Hawaii, France or Spain.


I’ll get a sun tan, see the tower,

Or maybe see seals, and take a salty sea shower,

I’ll wear a dress, whether it be hot or cold,

Or style my hair all bright and bold.




I’m a Celebrity…..Get Me Out of Here!! 100WC Week#13 by Ella


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The humid orange sky faded over the looping trees and the day of the first Bushtucker Trial had arrived. Scarlett lay within her wide hammock, giggling at Adam dancing like a hamster on roller skates. This was it. I had been chosen for the first Bushtucker Trial and my future lay ahead of me, unknown.

I arrived and all that seemed to be there was an endless obsidian cave filled with creatures. Huge creatures! Hairy creatures! Creatures I’ve never even heard of! But there, in the darkness, was a huge crocodile who seemed infuriated and ready to bite…

“Are you ready?” Ant and Dec yelled to me.

“Ummm okay?” I started. Before I even had a chance to finish, the huge pile of rocks collapsed in front of the cave entrance, and I was off on my journey to collect the stars.