100WC Week#36 By Phoebe


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The Asteroid

“OI JOHN!” shouted Bill.” LOOK OVER HERE!”

As John started to walk, he asked Bill about whether he had heard the news that an asteroid had fallen to Earth. Bill looked confused because he just saw a big blob come out of the sky and just open.

When John reached this blob, he said that they had to fix it before someone got hurt. So they closed the whole road just so no-one saw the asteroid or whatever it was. It was half-fixed but it was not as reparable as they had both thought.


100WC Week#30 by Phoebe


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The Worst Day Ever

Why does it have to be this day of all days. I’m on my to the restaurant and my dad said, “I hope you like spice because there is going to be a lot of it.”

But there’s a problem: I DON’T LIKE SPICE! I just couldn’t eat something so hot; I can’t even eat peppers because they are meant to be hot; or my dad’s favourite Chinese (because he gets chilli on everything!) and, no one knows this, I secretly take chilli out so my dad thinks I like spicy stuff but he thinks wrong!

100WC Week#29 by Phoebe and Bobby


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The Day Aliens Came to Earth

It was an ordinary day, in an ordinary house until something happened.

“MUM!” screamed Josh.

“What now?” sighed Josh’s mum, tiredly.

“Something is touching my head and it feels slimy!” Josh said in a worried voice.

Soon after, Josh told his mum, she walked up the stairs and looked in the basement she saw a bright green slime mixer. She knew what touched Josh’s head… it looked like slime was dripping through the ceiling she had a lot of questions: what is making it? Who is placing it there? And has anyone seen this before?

100WC Week#25 By Phoebe


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It’s race day! Today is the day when me and my friends race to see who is going into the semi – finals of the world’s race day in America. I woke up at six o’clock just for this special event and my nan and granddad were coming all the way from Australia to see me run. Lots of people from my old class are saying that I am going to lose just because I didn’t win at sports day for the last 2 years – just because I am not that good at any sport. Besides running so that’s is way I am always last on sports day expect from running.

Phoebe and Lewis’s Robin Presentation


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100WC Week #15 By Phoebe


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Aliens Take Over the World

From a far, far away galaxy, where no one has been before, some kind of monster comes down to Earth but all of a sudden…

CRASH! BANG! He wrecks Buckingham Palace! The Queen is waving out of her window and saying, “Oh someone save me! Help meeee!”

Everyone’s looking and wondering what they could do. However, a boy wrote on a piece of paper in 2017: ‘I hope the world would end.’ But then…

His mum caught him, grabbed the piece of paper out of his hand and read out loud: ‘In 2017, I wish the world would end.’ The mum asked, “Are you even my son?!”