100WC Week#36 by Justin and Preston


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Little People vs Big People 

On one summer morning, the Little People –  who were called Playful Preston, Jumping Justin and Moaning Matt – were all strolling to the “OLD SHIP” pub. While they were on their way, they heard a loud bang and sprinted to the scene.

When they arrived, the three lads gawped at a humongous egg which had been thrown by the evil gargantuan Big People. All of a sudden, someone began to scream like prey caught by a hunter.

“What on Earth is that noise?” moaned Matt like he always did. On closer inspection, Justin, Preston and Matt realised that someone was under the egg…

100WC Week#34 by Preston, Justin and Bobby


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McSisterson’s Miserable Monday

One miserable Monday morning, a teacher – Mr McSisterson – fell through the school gates with a throbbing migraine. He felt like a man being pulled into prison; he could not face listening to those howling monkeys. In order to escape this upcoming hell, he decided to bolt himself into the bath room.

While in the odious toilets, Mr McSisterson desperately required a drink to hydrate his headache so he squeezed the water fountain’s button. However, the water just kept gushing out in an unstoppable tsunami. Soon, the headteacher arrived. “Sir! What a mess you have made!” she exclaimed.”Get to class now!

Investigating Circuits


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After all our hard work during SATs week, we have enjoyed a practical afternoon of science (followed by PE).

We investigated different components, experimenting with how we could vary or fix circuits. Here are some pics of today’s session (Diana doesn’t look too impressed, but Rachel is perhaps too overexcited!).

100WC Week#30 by Justin, Bobby & Preston


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The Special Ingredient.

One grim morning, I begrudgingly approached the queen’s castle. I had to visit because I was invited after slaying the people-roasting dragon. To be honest, I didn’t fancy it much as I had heard that her home-cooking was horrendous. Apparently – since her beloved husband passed away – she had become a little too adventurous with ingredient choice.

When I took a seat in the cavernous dining room, the Queen (now one hundred) presented me with an odd-smelling loaf of bread. I regretfully took a bite but I just couldn’t eat something so dry. When I asked for the recipe, the Queen replied: “My secret ingredient is my deceased husband’s ashes; he still loves to help in the kitchen!”

What I have been hoping for… 100WC Week#15 by Preston


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The day has finally arrived, to share what I have been hoping for in 2017. I hoped and hoped but it never came; the thing is I am going to buy it myself.

It was two hours until Christmas. It was all bright all I wanted was a pet because my other one died four years ago. All I see is people walking with lovely dogs so all I want for Christmas is a dog!


Christmas is coming to 6S…


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Check out our excellent elf hats! Miss Mansell – our LST – had the fab idea that we could use them for our production and when we have Christmas dinner. Don’t forget to get tickets for ‘Dear Santa…’ At the school office.