Investigating Circuits


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After all our hard work during SATs week, we have enjoyed a practical afternoon of science (followed by PE).

We investigated different components, experimenting with how we could vary or fix circuits. Here are some pics of today’s session (Diana doesn’t look too impressed, but Rachel is perhaps too overexcited!).

100WC Week #30 By Rachel N


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Aunt Gracie…

My mum came into the kitchen bouncing and talking on the phone. I began to listen.

“I cant wait for you to come tonight, Gracie. Its been a long-“

“Nooo, I dread her cooking. She better not be cooking,” I yelled not thinking before I spoke. My mum, Blaire, glared at me; she was speechless and immediately switched off her phone. I sprinted up the stairs and flung my bag on the floor. I began to panic. What if she cooks again?

I remembered my words from her last visit: “I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting”. Tonight is going to be a horror….

100wc Week #29 by Rachel N


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A Medical Mystery

“Good Morning Jacob,  how was your night’s sleep?” I asked Dr Satory as we ventured through the crowded hallway.

“It was good, thanks for asking,” he replied as he began to grab a mug of coffee.

Sirens began to ring. Echoing around the whole city was causing people to panic when the sirens became louder. A body was quickly rushed into my surgery room and I was informed of her presence.

I walked into the room and she immediately began to talk as a purple liquid began to pour out of her mouth and I cupped my hands to catch the substance. The slime dripped through my hands and I instantly knew she was one of us…

100WC Week #25 by Rachel N -Too many words!


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Lady Of The Late

“Mother, who is this so called Lady of the Late?” questioned the young girl as she walked into her mother’s room.

“Well my child, sit here and let me tell you the story of this woman who is actually one of your ancestors,” replied the mother as she patted the seat next to her and began to take her daughter on a  journey.

A fast wind ran through the town as the young lady rushed to grab her groceries. She brushed hair in a slick ponytail and grabbed her bags and slammed her door open.

“Oh no, gotta go, gotta go, must leave, gonna be late again, everyone is waiting for me,” Susan thought as she slipped her into her gold dress. It was an obvious tight fit; she could barely stay in the dress without ripping it. Her face was completely red: she was embarrassed that she had spent hundreds on the dress and couldn’t fit into it.

Finally, she eventually reached the door and all eyes were upon her. They thought it was the last time that she would delay and be late, but they obviously thought wrong.



The Day It Attacked By Rachel N Week #22 100WC


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The Day It Attacked

It was just another average day in my little quaint village named Brooksbrun.

“Come on Kristen, I ain’t got ‘til I’m  30, mate,” screamed Damion.

Kristen came bursting down the stairs like a firework. She leaped out the door and began leaving for the park. The grass whistled loudly as she strolled upon it. Then… a large figure began to emerge out of the soil and made a vast mess. It was a root vegetable that made an earthquake. Its greyness rubbed against the branches making it emotionless and dull. The world began to spread the dullness and now colour is something from the past.

In 2017 I hope…100WC Week #15 by Rachel N


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In 2017 I hope…

This year has to be the best,

Possibly even blessed,

Last year was the absolute worst,

I don’t even know where to start first…


My grandmother became very sick,

And I my sister still violently kicks,

Last Christmas I asked for Pandora,

But instead I got butter called Flora…


I got a horrible score on my test,

Probably because learning is a pest,

My sister also doesn’t focus,

But no one ever even noticed…


Last year was a huge disaster,

I’ll probably need a really big plaster,

My life is a bowl full of failure,

That’s probably why I brought an inhaler…