100WC Week#35 by Rachel S


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Dear Andrew Sesay,

I have recently been informed about the amazing work you do every day. I believe that you are an incredible, compassionate man who does anything he can to help people. I heard a story of one of your excellent rescues of a mother and her unborn child. In case you can’t remember,  I will recap it for you:

You were called to a house where a woman was in labour and the baby was in the wrong position…  so, knowing the dangers, you rushed her to hospital and performed a Cesarean on Mhanele who then went on to name her baby after you. However, that was not the only person; you have helped millions of pregnant women. You are an inspiration!

Yours sincerely,

Rachel S

100WC Week#30 by Rachel S


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“Bleep! Bleep! Bleep!” the sound races into my ears as I bolt upright in my cosy, warm bed. It was 7:30am and today I am visiting my Great Aunt Fena.

“Yay!” I whispered sarcastically. At least dad is coming and I won’t be the only one eating her charcoal she calls food. As we pull up her long drive, the sun disappears. The minute I reach the door, I know it is a mistake but it is too late to run. Great Aunt Fena opens the door and suddenly blurts out: “I made lunch!”

I sit down at the table and I know i just can’t eat something so burnt. “If I were you, I would chuck it in the bin,” says dad – that was his best idea all day!

100WC #29 by Archie T and Rachel S


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The mystery slime

The rain crashed down on the roof as Harry and Willow entered the train station. Their wet footprints walked along the floor merging with footprints of wet ,grumpy businessmen. The echo of their shoes boomed down the corridor. Suddenly the sound stopped, they froze and stared as the slime dripped through the cracks of the wall. Willow began to wonder where this gooey green slime came from and if it was suppose to be there. Then a drip fell on the floor but as Harry moved it with his foot he revealed a frightening sight the floor had…

100WC Week#25 by Rachel S


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The Forest of Heat

As the fire ripped through the trees, Matt and Evie dashed to the small silver shed in sight like their lives depended on it – because they did.

One more moment standing still and the fire would swallow them into a ball of heat.

“Evie, quick we are nearly there!” shouted Matt over the crackling of burning wood. Evie did not hear him; she was busy concentrating on running and blocking out sounds.

The metal door swung open as Evie and Matt fell through the doorway to the ground. They picked up cloths and covered their mouths while shutting the door. But would they survive?

100WC #16 by Rachel S


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The River

I ran faster than I ever had before. I felt the sharp pebbles dig into the soles of my feet. As I ran along the stony sea front, I knew I needed to get to LYCA (my boat) and fast. The angry mob was chasing me as they found out I had a boat and wanted to escape the drowning island with me. I finally reached LYCA. I jumped aboard and started to row leaving the closest thing I had to a friend, Natasha, behind. As I lost sight of the land, I forgot which way to go. I looked in front and behind. Which way should I go?

100WC Week #15 By Rachel


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In 2017 I Hope

In 2017 I hope,

To help my teachers cope,

By never saying nope,

When I’m told to put on my coat.


In 2017 I hope,

My baby cousin will walk,

Right before she talks,

And on camera it will be caught.


In 2017 I hope,

My birthday will be right,

And there won’t be a fight,

In the middle of the gloomy night.


In 2017 I hope,

To keep riding my horse,

With my friends of course,

And in the barn have a good light source.


In 2017 I hope,

To get rid of all my fear,

And to not shed a tear,

When something bad is near.

Sneak peek at the KS2 production – ‘Dear Santa…’


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Here is our Santa and his two elves! Make sure you get tickets for either Tues (2pm or 6:30pm) or Weds (6pm) next week (available at the school office).

100wc week#13 by Rachel S


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The Mystery in the Dark

As the dark night sky set on sandy cliffs and the cool summer breeze blew through the small town of Lavendale, all but one were sleeping tight in their bed. However, the one who disobeyed his hard-working parents was soon to pay for his wrong doing…

He was far from bed, he was crawling through the wide path, within the tall oak trees where the endangered orange birds rest, yet to find out, waiting in his path, was a swamp and as he approached a devious crocodile snuck out and up to his feet. The young boy took one glance at it and collapsed. Would he be found?